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Jul 2, - It would have Adult games, Hentai, all available to purchase or stream. I'm just saying, it should be discussed when there are sex games being released . Hatred is rated AO, and it very much deserves such a rating.

List of AO-rated video games

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Are there any that have any new game play mechanics? Or are they ratd eye candy? Can mod a dick onto female characters and add nip piercings to male and female characters. Also gets very AO when people get creative with their screenshots. Could've definitely done without the h-scenes, though.

Little by little nudity 3d side scrolling sex games being suprisingly more accepted at this point with little to no outrage, seems that going after the companies aoo the video game industry has become a lost cause and I'm glad because now devs can create a more mature experience for the adult gamers out there.

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America needs to stop being so immature about it, rxted would make people's lives much easier. Porn sex games with gangbangs freely available on the internet and sex is a list of ao rated sex games of most of our lives to some degree, violence much less for most Lixt, with exceptions obviously.

I've killed millions and millions of people in games and have never done it in real life, I have however had lots of sex in real life and virtually none in games.

Seems like an odd omission to me.

I still don't understand the double standard when it comes to sex vs. Devs should be able rqted make mature stories and get this genre up there with the movie industry, which ironically also has a double standard when it comes to sex vs.

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Fox News would have a field day. The activist groups and fox news would be saying that kids can now play virtual pornography video games. It's just to much of a liability from a PR perspective.

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Though this is mostlyonly prevalent in the US considering people here are so afraid of public talk of sex. Isn't the difference between M and AO 1 year? I think we already have our "AO" games.

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More would be overkill IMO. As for the topic, the problem is the retailers, not the console manufacturers. They won't stock AO games, and as you already know, a game that gets the AO rating is basically a death sentence.

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It's completely possible to tell a compelling story without going to excess, be it sex, drugs, gore or anything.

Sometimes what you don't show is more powerful than what you do. There shouldn't arted a list of ao rated sex games for the "AO" rating in the game industry Everything else, including realistic blood, gore, nudity, profanity, etc.

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Sure, I think they should have them. Don't they already have a lot of that stuff available in Japan?

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Bames could understand if Sony didn't want to tarnish their image, but considering some of the JPRG"s available now, it's a bit too late already. People who don't like that stuff don't have to buy them. I don't read Playboy, but I don't think it should be banned from news stands. Another thing to note of which I think has already been mentioned in this thread is that even if the game companies allow Dated games to be developed on their consoles, retailers selling them would be a completely different matter.

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gams I'm finding it difficult to believe a modern game is banned for violence alone in the US. They love the "rip and tear" mentality. Swearing is a whole other ball game, however with two recent South Park games. Again, hard to believe.

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Only game that comes to mind overall being 'censored' that happened thanks to ESRB, and got nerfed across all countries; is Manhunt 2. Which only got 'censored' due to a murder blown out of context adult game play online photos the original Manhunt, and less to do with the sequel game itself, when the psychopath was actually playing Grand Theft Auto lol.

My guess is other countries list of ao rated sex games your own are simply more open to sexual content, as my original reply told. Americans or at least US media and vocal supporters and I'm not judging just seem more sensitive on the subject of sex compared to most of Europe and Asia.

For what reason that is? I could not tell you, as an American I'm sure you understand your culture more than I. - Your guide to Game, TV and Movie Releases

However that equally means we don't have to suffer the same odd standards as the US. I mean not even violent AO games can come out, Manhunt 2 was censored for violence raetd get an M rating.

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So it isn't sexual content exclusively. For starters Manhunt 2 had a lot of cut-sexual themed content. Please note that the content descriptors are not always printed as shown below, they may have additional words added to further clarify the highlighted content such as " Mild Blood" and " Mild Suggestive Themes".

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The following content descriptors have been updated and are no longer used, but they may appear on games published previously. From Grand Theft Wiki. Wikipedia has an article on: Entertainment Software Rating Board.

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As of , there are 23 (a full list of AO rated games can be found here Mature Sexual Themes — Provocative material, possibly including partial nudity.

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Description:Dec 16, - The lack of titles with an Adults-Only rating doesn't mean there's a Where's the future filled with video games that feature nothing but wall-to-wall sex? Currently, there are 25 titles listed with an AO rating, according to the ESRB's site. (Also on the list is Thrill Kill, a game that was submitted to the board.

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