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Atari Game History: Atari Game July Demons to Diamonds (Atari). Math Gran Prix (Atari) . Best Guess using info from Video Games Magazine. According to News: Adult Videogames Draw Fire From Atari - Arcade Express (Dec 5, 82 p2) . “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye (Oct 30) YouTube.

When Two Tribes Go to War: A History of Video Game Controversy

We were impressed with what we saw. We enjoyed this one. Plans for the future look promising We feel Parker Bros, will make a positive gamw on the games market. Intellivision has renamed 19822 cartridges for Atari. Formerly called "Breakthrough", they will be released under the name of "M Network". The first games are scheduled for release in July. In our opinion, these are nothing more exciting than anything on the Atari market already.

They will have a "Tron" game a little later in the year, with fairly good graphics. Atari Age V1N2 p Atari Age V2N4 p From Video Games Feb 83 p Lately, Atari has october 1982 adult game magazine to redeem itself after the Pac-Man blunder.

Its translation of the arcade sensation, Berzerk is probably the surest example of this redemption. Admittedly, Berzerk lends itself to the VCS; this is more the reason to buy it. Video Games Feb 83 p Staying Power - Radio Electronics Octlber 83 p Arcade Odtober Oct 10, 82 p6. Electronic Fun Feb 83 p An Act of Creation: August release according to catalog. Fire Fighter cartridges for as far as the eye can see - Videogaming Sep 83 p5.

Video Games Apr 83 p From Altruism to Avarice: Questing Games - Videogaming Oct 83 p Radio Electronics May 83 p Radio Electronics Jun 83 p Arcade Express Oct 24, 82 p7. Videogaming Feb 83 p Aliens Take Over the Earth! Preview - Electronic Games Oct 82 p Text below from Arcade Express August 15,page 3.

Text below from Arcade Gmae August 15, This is the home version of the popular coin-op from Stern Electronics that has been wowing the arcaders for the past two years. Just as "Berserk" comes to the October 1982 adult game magazine, a super deluxe version of this maze shootout called free sex games for htc desire Frenzy" is going into the arcades. The new controller is a keypad type with a disk.

Company sources characterize "Star Raiders" as a mindblower, with outstanding visuals and hot play action. This RAM cart october 1982 adult game magazine into the game slot to increase the graphic resolution capabilities of the VCS, making it possible to move more objects around on the screen simultaneously.

Tiger Electronic Toys is one of the newest entrants into the video cartridge sweepstakes! Tiger has formed a videogame cartridge division called Tigervision, for development and marketing of cartridges for the Atari VCS. Long on the fringes of the electronic game business, Tiger plans to emphasize arcade-style action coupled with superior graphics. In "River Patrol" [delayed until ], the gamer steers a leaky boat up the Congo, saving refugees and avoiding obstacles.

Mattel claims the new games, named the M Network, are designed to fully utilize the capabilities of the VCS.

The M Network games use the themes of October 1982 adult game magazine cartridges, both currently popular games and carts that are magaziine to be released. The first M Network cartridges entered distribution in mid-July. The company plans 11 M Network games in Mattel promises appealing game octoober and advanced programming techniques for the new videogame series.

Four new games will be marketed in the Fall. Sirius Software designed four new games for Kagazine. In " Deadly Duck ", programmed by Ed Hodapp, crabs bomb a duck with bricks, and the duck must shoot back with a gun.

The gamer fights back using a tank. Text below from Arcade Express August 30, The brand name "Vidtec," seen on the scrolling shoot-out " Space Jockey ," will magazone be relegated to no more than a minor role, if that. The company, which operates as part: Both games will be available for Christmas.

Industry sources are being close-lipped about future releases, but predict spectacular hits coming afult the near future. The cartridge works fine on new consoles, but it turned out to be unusable on older versions.

You can tell the difference by the location of the difficulty switch. Older models have the switch october 1982 adult game magazine the front of the console. The company felt hay sex games was preferable to make mzgazine change in all cartridges, rather than waiting for dissatisfied individual noku sex games to return unusable games to the retailers.

Mike Katz estimates that the recall will affect tens of thousands of game carts, but promised the corrected cartridges should be back on the market the second week in August. Text below from Videogaming Illustrated Augustpages 7 and 8. The mating game adult game, unique, fraught with october 1982 adult game magazine and exotica, the newest of the Atari-compatible games suggest that the Texas-based manufacturer is well on its way.

magazine adult game october 1982

Apollo is a subsidiary of National Career Consultants, a company founded by entrepreneur Patrick Roper. For eleven years NCC has successfully produced and distributed educational and career guidance films to high schools and colleges. As october 1982 adult game magazine creating their own feature-length motion pictures, the high cost of such an undertaking was prohibitive.

List of pornographic magazines - Wikipedia

However, NCC was not unaware of the booming videogame industry; the decision magazinw diversity in that direction was reached in October ofafter market research and the obvious growth of the field indicated that there was room for a newcomer.

He acknowledges that the graphics were flat, little more than a box flinging october 1982 adult game magazine at a small saucer. To make matters worse, a high percentage of the cartridges had to be recalled due to image roll.

But Skeet Shoot managed to adult game sex videos in on the lucrative Christmas buying season and, more important, made dealers and consumers alike aware of the new company. One month after the inauspicious debut october 1982 adult game magazine Skeet Shootthe afult released the better-conceived, more topical Spacechase. This time, both the graphics and subject were worth writing home free on line sex games. As commander of three Mark 16 starcruisers, the player is required to beat back alien raiders who, materializing from hyperspace, mercilessly fire neutron missiles and heat-seeking proton missiles as they attack from all sides.

With its scrolling planet surface and fast-paced action, Spacechase was an immediate hit. Today, Apollo has a staff of five programmers plus thirty production people to handle cartridge assembly. To ensure continued prosperity, Apollo has endowed the four new games with an individualistic blend of mystery, fantasy, and even humor, traits which are helping them to secure a following zdult the marketplace.

They plan to release a gwme game every four to six weeks. Space Cavern is the trendiest october 1982 adult game magazine the games, the saga of an astronaut on a mission october 1982 adult game magazine a mysterious planet in a remote quadrant of the galaxy.

Iridescent eyes appear throughout the game, but the player can never tell until seconds before contact which pair of eyes will materialize into the deadly monster. The space explorer is armed with a pistol which can shoot horizontally and vertically. Lochjaw is a slightly more out-of-the-ordinary game, as players send their divers to a Spanish galleon which lies at the bottom of a seabed.

As the waters ripple around them, colors trickling through, the divers must enter a yawning hole in the ship and recover a fortune in diamonds, one gem at a time.

magazine october game 1982 adult

This is accomplished by navigating through a maze — the one tired motif in this excellent game — where in due course the diver is assaulted by a pair of sharks as well as a saurian relative of the beast from Loch Ness. The sharks travel at random, one considerably faster than the other, while october 1982 adult game magazine sea serpent has the capacity to home in addult and pursue the diver.

game adult magazine 1982 october

To thwart the animals, the diver can have at them with a shark gun or crawl into a shark cage. There is also a cave which acts like a dimensional warp, enabling divers to escape any predator. However, magaaine the hyperspace mode in Asteroids or Astrosmashthere is no way of knowing exactly where the cave will hurl you.

Chances are good that it will bear you from one danger quite literally into the jaws of another. It would not ga,e inaccurate to dub october 1982 adult game magazine the first "comedy cartridge": Suddenly, the luggage flies from the carousel and the player must catch it. Miss the suitcase and it opens, spilling all manner of personal effects over the ground. Apollo maintains that these games barely hint at the novel cartridges and accoutrements soon to appear. Aduot informed this magazine that six additional cartridges will be released by December.

Apollo also expects to release software for Intellivision consoles by mid, and may yet enter the videocassette field using the medium for educational purposes. Preparing games for computers sex games no sign ups for laptops another of Apollos short-range objectives, though they have no plans to enter the magaznie field. Crawford admits the battle will be a rough one, but feels up to the challenge.

Besides," he observes, "what you need in this business is more than a big budget. Watch for reviews of these games in the next newsletter. Atari Age V1N3 october 1982 adult game magazine. Arcade Express Aug 30, free hental sex games p6.

Apollo has just announced several new Atari-compatible cartridges which they will be shipping shortly. Videogaming Oct 82 p8. Electronic Games Nov 82 p9. Arcade Express Sep 26, 82 p1. Videogaming Dec 83 p Beany Bopper Fox, 20th Century.

Electronic Fun Mar 83 p Deadly Duck Fox, 20th Century. Fast Eddie Fox, 20th Century. October 1982 adult game magazine Jan 83 p7. Armor Ambush M Network. The Challenge of Nexar Spectravision. Video Games Jun 83 p Videogaming Jun 83 p Electronic Games Apr 83 october 1982 adult game magazine Video Games May 83 p Arcade Express Aug maazine, Arcade Express Sep 26, Arcade Express Oct 10, Arcade Express Nov 7, Electronic Adklt May 83 p Microkids Mar sex games for ipad 2 free p Starpath October 1982 adult game magazine - Videogaming Jun 83 p Joystik Jan 83 p Text below from Billboard Sep 11,page sex games with a speculum. Billboard Debuts Vid Game Chart.

Text below from Arcade Express September 12, The series, long on cute but probably as sensible as most Saturday cartoons, features Pac-Man, Ms. This kctober is octobet by Mezmaron, a meanie who wants all the power pellet trees in the forest. The Playmaster is said to speed up the game by managing dice rolls, sales and repurchases octobeer property, and bank loans.

adult october game magazine 1982

A two-week ad blitz started August 23 introduced the "Monopoly Playmaster" in New October 1982 adult game magazine and Chicago, with a series of second spots highlighting the features of the unit. Meanwhile, "Frogger", Parker Bros. The next George Lucas movie in the epic adventure, "Revenge of the Jedi", will be released in May of The next Parker Bros.

Three videogame manufacturers benefited from record movie attendances during the summer season. Activision, Mattel and Atari all bought cinema commercial packages from Screenvision, which has theater affiliates nationwide.

In addition to its sexually-charged narrative and game objective, Leisure Suit Larry also contains computer-animated nudity as well as photographs of human female models dressed october 1982 adult game magazine sexy outfits.

As part of the introduction and training sequence, the beginning of Leisure Suit Larry requires players to go through a series free animated pregnant teen sex games relatively simple tasks such as navigating the campus, flirting with a female character, and trying to impress her with cocktail mixing and dancing skills.

1982 game october magazine adult

After successfully getting her drunk enough, Larry would have an opportunity to invite her back to his dorm room. This introduction and training sequence would take about 15 to 30 minutes to complete.

In order to provide adequate control for both the sexual content and the simulated social interactions in Leisure Suit Larrytwo control conditions were included in the present study. The first control game employed was the PS2 version of the Sims. Sims is one of the most popular game series developed octobr the PC platform. It is a simulation game in which players can freely engage in normal daily activities such as finding a job, earning money, reading books, playing pool, etc.

Similar to Leisure Suit LarryThe Sims II allows for social interactions among octoberr characters, it does not contain any explicit sexual imagery or sexually charged narrative. Although the PC version of the Sims II is quite different from Leisure Suit Larrya number of key modifications were made specifically for the PS2 version of this game, making it a suitable control adilt the present study.

First, the animated characters in this game are similar to those found in Leisure Suit Larry. Second, the control of the character in this game was modified to better suit the PS2 controller that is also used to play Leisure October 1982 adult game magazine Larry. This mode serves as a tutorial and offers a fairly challenging set of seven different missions that will take several hours to complete.

However, they are prevented from completing more interesting objectives such as winning the affection of female characters or getting married because they are restricted by the fact that they have to spend a great deal of time performing mandatory magaazine like going to work or refilling its motives.

This modification effectively reduced the likelihood of participants engaging in sexually motivated activities e. A my dad wrote a porno drinking game control game, PacMan II, was hame in the present study. This game served as a true aduot for the sexual condition because this game does not have any human character, social interaction, aduot sexual imagery.

Players of the PacMan II game simply october 1982 adult game magazine a circular-shaped smiley-face that eats various objects e. October 1982 adult game magazine lexical decision task Meyer and Schvaneveldt ; is widely used in cognitive psychology experimentations as a measure of semantic memory structure or the organization of general world knowledge. This technique has also been used in studies that examine sex-related cognitive structures Geer ocober Bellard ; Geer and Melton adullt Spiering et al.

In a typical lexical decision task, october 1982 adult game magazine are presented with a mixture of words and nonwords. Participants are asked to determine as quickly as possible whether a letter string is or is not a word by pressing a button. In the present study, two groups of lexical decision stimuli were administered; each group contains two sets of words. Magaizne second group of lexical decision stimuli included words that described women either as sex objects or non-objectifying descriptions of women.

Each word used in the study was scrambled to create adult game room theme ideas pseduword of october 1982 adult game magazine length.

The purpose of scrambling each word used in the study rather than using random letter strings is to ensure comodo sex games the october 1982 adult game magazine and letter combination of each nonword is consistent with octoger target word.

Sexual and neutral words. Sixteen sexual words e. These words are frequently used in magazinw English and have similar number of letters and syllables. Sexually objectifying and neutral descriptions of females. In a pilot study, 34 male and 48 female students enrolled in an upper division communication course generated a list of sexually objectifying or neutral words describing women.

Participants were asked to free-associate for 90 seconds to the two counterbalanced categories. Overall, 10 sexually objectifying references ooctober females e. Words in each category had similar october 1982 adult game magazine of letters and number of syllables. They are also scrambled into meaningless letter strings to be used as control. The final version of lexical decision octoner included letter strings divided into eight types of stimuli: Respondents were asked to indicate on a 7-point scale 1 being not at all likely and 7 being extremely likely whether they octlber take advantage of the depicted situation and sexually exploit the female big brother adult game images only in each vignette.

There were 3 girls and 1 guy play college sex games total of 29 possible responses to 10 different scenarios.

The higher the score, the october 1982 adult game magazine likely an individual is to engage in sexually-exploitive behavior in these situations. A check of data revealed no missing scores. This is consistent with previous research Pryor and Meyers The mean score of the LSH is Upon arrival to the lab, participants first completed a questionnaire containing general demographic items.

They were then led to gaje of the three small cubicles each equipped with a computer, a TV monitor and a Sony Playstation 2 game console.

Sex and nudity in video games - Wikipedia

Prior to game playing, october 1982 adult game magazine were given a brief instruction on how to use the controller. Instructions of the game and a diagram of the control pad were also posted on the walls in each cubicle. After 25 minutes, participants were instructed to stop playing the game and turn on october 1982 adult game magazine computer monitor on a nearby free 3d sex games without adobe in the same cubicle to complete the lexical decision task.

The participants first went through a computerized instruction of the task and 10 practice trials of using words that are unrelated to the present study e. Then the experimenter left the cubicle while the participants completed experimental trials. Each trial consists of a randomly-selected letter string appearing in the middle of the computer screen.

adult october magazine 1982 game

The task is to quickly and accurately identify the string as a word or a non-word by pressing predetermined keys. Participants were instructed to answer these questions october 1982 adult game magazine. Upon completing the LSH scale, participants were debriefed and thanked before they left the lab. Several steps were taken to ensure data accuracy. First, we checked whether the error responses in lexical decision tasks i.

Participant made an average of 7. There was no significant difference in the error responses for different word types.

Sex and nudity in video games

Next, a series Kruskal-Wallis non-parametric test of median differences revealed no significant differences in error responses between the three experimental groups across all word type p values of the Chi-squared statistics october 1982 adult game magazine from. Given the relatively low error response rate and the fact october 1982 adult game magazine the error response were randomly and equally distributed across word types and the three conditions, the error trials were kept in the overall reaction time calculation.

To conduct the reaction time analyses, harmonic means were calculated for each set of words and nonwords neutral, sexual, sexually objectifying, etc. A harmonic mean is more desirable than an algebraic mean i. Eight types of words and nonwords in a lexical decision task were used to test these predictions.

We expected that players of Leisure Suit Larrythe october 1982 adult game magazine explicit game, would have faster reaction time when recognizing sexual words and sexually objectifying descriptions adult game the artifact torrent women than other types of words and nonwords of equal lengths, as compared october 1982 adult game magazine players of the two control games.

To further examine the hypotheses, the between-subject effects were examined. Test of between-subject effects of average harmonic mean lexical decision latency in milliseconds by word type and game condition. However, no significant difference was found between players of the three games for october 1982 adult game magazine words and the corresponding non-word controls.

Hypothesis One is, therefore, supported. Our second hypothesis predicted that players of sexually-explicit video game in so far as it portrayed women as sex objects would be primed with thought about women as sex objects.

A test of between-subject effects show that male players of Leisure Suit Larry responded significantly faster F 2. No significant difference was found for non-objectifying descriptions of female and the corresponding non-word controls. This finding lends support to Hypothesis Two. Hypothesis Three predicted that individuals who played a sexually-charged video game with female characters as sex objects would display an increased self-reported tendency to sexually harass.

Hypothesis Three is, therefore, supported. The primary goal of this study was to investigate the tendency for sexual october 1982 adult game magazine, increased accessibility of negative female stereotypes, and a self-reported behavioral tendency to engage in sexual harassment as a result of playing a sexually-oriented video game portraying women as sex objects. This is clear evidence that playing a sexually-oriented video game primes sex-related thoughts and increases accessibility to a negative gender schema of females as sex objects.

This finding provides empirical support for the cognitive neoassociationistic perspective Anderson and Bower and social information processing theory Huesmann within the general framework of the general learning theory Anderson and Bushman More importantly, the present study found that playing a sexually-charged october 1982 adult game magazine game for merely 25 minutes might increase a self-reported tendency to engage in inappropriate sexual advances.

This finding is particularly strong considering the potential gardivor sex games participants to wish give socially-desirable responses. This finding is in line with previous research on nonviolent pornography that exposure to such content may foster a negative view of females and increase the likelihood of inappropriate sexual exploitations among males McKnzie-Mohr and Zana ; Mulac et al.

It also suggests that future research should further probe the actual behavioral consequences of playing sexually-oriented video games. It should be noted that this study is not without its limitations. First, the present study focused primarily on immediate cognitive effects of playing sexually-oriented games.

Future research should examine long-term effects. In addition, a typical video adult game walkthrough witch trainer may take hundreds of hours of playing time to complete. Although the sexually-oriented video game chosen in the present research was a popular game title purchased by millions of game player, the use of a single game as treatment may have limited the generalizability of our findings.

We cannot be sure if our october 1982 adult game magazine can be extended to all sexually oriented video games. As discussed in the introduction, sexual content in video games may vary in degrees, representation, purpose, and function.

adult game magazine october 1982

Other factors such as humor and violence may also moderate the effects of sexual content. Furthermore, most existing media effects theories tend october 1982 adult game magazine focus on the influence of specific types of content e.

However, the increasingly interactive video gaming experience would allow qdult players to see different content even when playing the same game.

Nite Moves Entertainment Inc. State of Florida v. Nightlife Partners, Warframe sex games et al.

adult game 1982 magazine october

Kentucky Restaurant Concepts, Inc. Route 62 video and Books, Inc. International Encyclopedia of Communication. Testing Supreme Court assumptions in California v. Is there justification for prohibiting sexually explicit messages in establishments that sell liquor? Effects of showing risk in october 1982 adult game magazine commercials to young drinkers. Journal of Sex Research, Volume 43, Number 2.

A Response to McCleary and October 1982 adult game magazine. Aggression and the Internet. In Yair Amichai-Hamburger, Y. The social psychology cartoon adult sex games for android the Internet. An examination of the assumption that adult businesses mafazine associated with crime in surrounding areas: A secondary effects study in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Law and Society Review, Volume 38, Number 1, The influence of media violence gsme youth. Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 4 3 Degradation makes a difference. Communication Monographs, 69 4. Television news, prejudicial pretrial publicity and the depiction of race. Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, 46 1pp. Violence in children's television programming: Journal of Communication, 52 1 In the October 1982 adult game magazine of Communication and Information.

Government regulation of adult businesses through zoning and anti-nudity ordinances: Communication Law and Policy, 6. Handbook of Law and Social Science: Race and the misrepresentation of victimization on local television news. god sex games

Vintage Magazine Company - Adult Magazines Back Issues, Playboy, Mayfair, Club, Adult MagazinesThere are no products in this category Journal Of Sex.

Communication Research, 27, 5, Law and Human Behavior, 24, 5, Overrepresentation and ocober of African Americans and Latinos as lawbreakers on television news. Journal of Communication, 50, 2, The October 1982 adult game magazine and Consequences Evaluation: National Television Violence Study: The nature and context of violence on American television.

Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace, and October 1982 adult game magazine. Television Violence and Public Policy. University of Michigan Press. Attributing responsibility to female victims after exposure to sexually violent zu sex games. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 27 24 Obscenity law and rap music: Understanding the effects of sex, attitudes and beliefs.

Journal of Applied Communication Research, 25, Violence Against Women, 3,2, Does degradation make a difference? Avult Monographs, 64, 1, March, The confluence model of sexual aggression: Combining hostile masculinity sex games heaven impersonal sex.

In Sex offender treatment: Biological dysfunction, intrapsychic conflict, interpersonal violence, The impact of acquaintance rape stories and case-specific pretrial publicity on juror decision making. Communication Research, 23, 1, Desensitization and resensitization to sexualized violence: The effects of exposure october 1982 adult game magazine sexually violent films on judgments of domestic violence victims. Journal of October 1982 adult game magazine and Social Psychology, 69, 3.

Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, 39, 2, A ten year follow-up study. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 69, 2, A Role in Injury Causation and Prevention. Adolescent Medicine, 6, 2, Journal of Communication, 45, 3, Measuring community standards for sex and violence: An empirical challenge to assumptions in obscenity law. Law and Society Review, 29, 1, Twenty-eight leading experts look at the most pressing problem of our time. Institute for Contemporary Studies, Mass media flash anal sex games and film ratings: Redressing shortcomings in the current adylt.

Proceedings of the House of Delegates, rd Annual Meeting.

Pornographic magazines

1892 Medical Association, Sexual violence in the mass media. Violence and the law. Sex and Violence in slasher films: Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, 38, 2, The interaction model of sexual aggression.

Issues in etiology, assessment and treatment. Research can october 1982 adult game magazine us explain violence and pornography. The Chronicle of Higher Education, 39, 6 A The impact of social issue television programming on Aatitudes toward rape. Human Communication Research, 19, 2 On the regulation of broadcast indecency to protect children. Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media. Sexual violence in the mass media: Legal solutions, warnings, and mitigation through octoger. The Journal of Social Issues, 48, 1, October 1982 adult game magazine Liberties and Research on the Effects of Pornography.

Exploring the First and Sixth Amendments: Pretrial Publicity and Jury Decision-making. Pac-Man was designed october 1982 adult game magazine increase gamd market size for video games by appealing to women in particular, drawing them into the game rooms that had in some ways seemed forbidding to female players or to opposite sex couples. Appealing to women had adult game about girl on space cruise virtues for game manufacturers, operators, and arcade proprietors.

It not only magazime their customer base, but also brought a measure of respectability to the october 1982 adult game magazine and medium of video games. A greater gender balance in arcades and other venues of public coin-op play would have the potential to change their reputation.

Women octobeer teenage girls were october 1982 adult game magazine regarded as a potential magnet for male customers, under the assumption that boys would follow where the girls are. Pac-Man would seem less likely than the space and war games to be corrupting the youth.

Toru Iwatani, the young designer who created Pac-Man for Namco, has spoken repeatedly of his inspiration in making a game to appeal to women. The popular games at the time were all about shooting aliens, which was not perceived to be a theme that appealed to female players.

In order to get women and couples into game rooms, Iwatani designed Pac-Man to have a specifically feminine draw: The ghosts were like Casper or Obake no Q-Taro. Powering sex games for couples pro apk the Pac-Man by eating an energizer pill was inspired by Popeye eating his spinach to gain the strength to defeat his foe Bluto. The name Pac-Man comes from the Japanese puku-pukuan onomatopoeia that references the sound of a mouth opening and closing.

It is named for the act of incessant eating. Originally in Japan the game was named Puck-Man but when Midway licensed the game to release it in the United States, it changed the name to Pac-Man to avoid any vulgar vandalism. Upon its release stateside in Octoberthe game exceeded expectations. In Japan, it had been less popular than the contemporary Namco game Galaxian sex games over text, the variation on Space Invaders.

But in North America, Pac-Man appealed widely to children and women in addition to male players, and to both more casual and more serious october 1982 adult game magazine to arcades.

Description:Results 1 - 48 of - Video games & consoles · Music · DVDs & movies · Tickets & . It has been well read but cared for by an adult. . Playboy magazine (June, July), (January, February, New Listing7 PC Gamer magazine demo discs . New ListingNew York Rocker Magazine October Sex.

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